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2001: a space odyssey / stanley kubrick / 1968


first two are the bae and the last… um stanley??

"We talked for eight solid hours": Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke met for the first time fifty years ago today, April 22, 1964

Arthur C. Clarke, from The Lost World of 2001:

When I met Stanley Kubrick for the first time, in Trader Vic’s on April 22, 1964, he had already absorbed an immense amount of science fact and science fiction, and was in some danger of believing in flying saucers; I felt I had arrived just in time to save him from this gruesome fate. Even from the beginning, he had a very clear idea of his ultimate goal, and was searching for the best way to approach it. He wanted to make a movie about Man’s relation to the universe, something which had never been attempted, still less achieved, in the history of motion pictures.

Of course, there had been innumerable “space” movies, most of them trash. Even the few that had been made with some skill and accuracy had been rather simpleminded, concerned more with the schoolboy excitement of space flight than its profound implications to society, philosophy, and religion.

From Odyssey of a Visionary: A Biography, by Neil McAleer:

Clarke describes [Kubrick] as a “rather quiet, average-height New Yorker”, not yet sporting the full beard that he had during the making of 2001. He had little or no color in his cheeks, Clarke noted, because he was very much a night person - a fact that would become apparent in their working relationship. […]

We talked for eight solid hours about science fiction, Dr. Strangelove, flying saucers, politics, the space program, Senator Goldwater - and, of course, the projected next movie. 

  • Playboy: You're assuming that extra-terrestrials would be benevolent. Why?
  • Kubrick: Why would a vastly superior race bother to harm or destroy us? If an intelligent ant suddenly traced a message in the sand at my feet reading, "I am sentient; let's talk things over," I doubt very much that I would rush to grind him under my heel. Even if they weren't superintelligent, though, but merely more advanced than mankind, I would lean more toward benevolence, or at least indifference, theory.

Fellini ‘s telegram to Kubrick after viewing 2001.




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